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What T3 Is All About

If you’re a triathlete you’ll get this one right away: T1-Swim-to-Bike; T2-Bike-to-Run; T3-Finish line to something else, whatever that might be: the next stop, the new adventure, the last lap. We’d like to talk here about transitions in a wider sense than just moving from one sport to the next in rapid succession. T3 is the longer view, a place where life changes will be noted, achievements honored, tears shed, friends remembered, memories unearthed, the past and future linked.

We need your help for this one, dear reader. If you’ve moved on from the race course to something else, or know someone who has, we’d like to know. The more details the better. Please keep us posted. We will strive, above all, to get things right.

Tom Fleming, Runner (July 23, 1951 – April 19, 2017) 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tom Fleming, winning the Jordache Marathon LA in 1981 (Mike Plant photo)

It was sad to hear that running great Tom Fleming died last month of a heart attack at the still-young age of 65. Fittingly, he died while coaching a track meet. If he’d had a choice, I’m sure that venue for a finale would have been among his top three picks

Death of a Voice

Monday, November 2, 2015

Bill Katosky in his triathlon life circa 1984

William R. Katovsky didn’t like very many triathletes. And in a pathetic indictment of the sport, many of the self-anointed movers-and-shakers didn’t like him. Or at least they didn’t or couldn’t or wouldn’t understand him.  Bill, founder of Tri-Athlete Magazine (which merged with Triathlon Magazine and eventually became Triathlete Magazine), was a quirky intellectual from the San Francisco Bay area, a UC Berkeley grad, a sometimes self-loathing, Jewish-guild laden, endurance athlete who had a hard time convincing anyone he could run 5k in under an hour.

Knowing Steve Hed

Friday, December 12, 2014

Steve Hed at Interbike, 2008 -- Dapper Lad Cycles Photo 

By Scott Molina

As I sit here in my wonderful home in New Zealand sipping Laphroig in my library, now retired  and reflecting on all the people who’ve contributed to my successful career as a professional athlete, Steve Hed is right here with me.

His technological innovations and friendship helped me win a hell of a lot of races.

Ron Smith (Date) - June 29, 2011

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ron Smith was an important person to both Scott and me. The man was a lion, a guy you could meet once and never forget – a personality as far out there on the edge as a person could go, yet as grounded and centered as a Buddist monk. His passing affected us both deeply, and we were each moved to mark the launch of with a personal essay. Ron would have not liked all the attention, but he would have loved this site. (MP)